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Never get lost around your college campus again!

Designed to give students an easy and safe way to navigate around their schools.

Never get lost around your college campus again! Collegic Nav allows students, staff, parents and friends to easily and safely navigate around college campuses. Collegic Nav is a valuable mobile application that's convenient and easy to use. It’s easy to download from the Apple or the Play store on your phone. Never be late to class or a test again!

This user-friendly mobile app allows users to navigate from their current location to desired destinations on their college campus. Users will receive step-by-step walking directions of the easiest route.

Multiple features include a search button with campuses names and provides the distance and estimated time of arrival. The pathway will highlight your travel route and food icons to restaurants, and coffee shops with hours of operation along your way.

Travel often to certain destinations? Collegic Nav stores multiple locations to "My Saved Places" for even quicker accessibility!

Visiting a school? Parents or friends coming to visit? Don't let them get lost! They will be able to find everything as easily as you can!

Perfect for staff and faculty! The employees of colleges need to travel around campus too -- now they won't be late for work!

Additional benefits includes a blue light phone box locator, it's a safeguard feature for extra protection that shows nearby blue light phone box locations. Some colleges, for example, Rutgers University, has the emergency blue light telephone box system on their campuses. These are meant for anyone on campus who has an emergency -- they will immediately connect the user to the police and they will be on their way. Collegic Nav has the locations of these. Students will see them on the map and will always have the locations of the blue light telephone boxes on the back of their minds.

Like to bike around campus? No problem! Collegic Nav also shows all bike routes around campuses for easy navigation.

Our goal is to have all college campuses listed on the mobile app. We want to make navigating campuses as easy as it can be for everyone to get around their schools safely and effeciently as possible.